Our Team

Who We Are

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María Valdez

Founder & CEO

María Valdez is a graduate of the Design of
Modas, by the Mercy Jáquez Technological Institute, with a degree in Plastic Arts, by the School National of Fine Arts, and higher studies of
History of Universal Art, by the University
Catholic of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


Betel Cabrera

Graphic Designer

Betel Cabrera is an Advertising student at UNAPEC University and studied Graphic Arts at INFOTEP, both institutions in the Dominican Republic. As the graphic designer Betel, focuses on the editing and retouching of photos, creating and editing videos, as well as any other visual element that is merited.

Milena Valdez

Social Media Manager

Milena Valdez is a student of Protocol, Event Organization and Corporate Communication at Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid, Spain.

As Social Media Manager, Milena's role is to manage the social networks, develop content calendars and publish them, as well as interact with the Temporazzi community on all social networks.

Rosalía Minyety

Operations Assistant

Rosalía Minyety is a student at the Fu Foundation School for Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University in the City of New York. As Operations Assistant, Rosalía focuses on social relations, including translating text projects and designing the website for MVTEX FACTORY LLC, and TEMPORAZZI.