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About Us

Temporazzi is a custom fashion design, ready-to-wear women's clothing brand founded in New York by Dominican fashion designer María Valdez in 2020.


In its early days, Temporazzi limited itself to custom work. In the Fall 2021 collection, which includes Authentic Spirit and Lady's Time, Temporazzi is projected internationally, with a special focus on the United States and Latin America. The brand is aimed at the self-defined, intense, curious, and passionate woman.


With its designs, Temporazzi combines the creativity, freedom, and confidence that represents a female protagonist, adding a touch of fantasy that surrounds her.


Temporazzi goes hand-in-hand with women who use fashion as a tool to express their self-confidence to the world. Through its creations, Temporazzi tries to defy standards, rules, and time.

Our Values








At Temporazzi, we seek to offer our customers the products that identifies them in order to make Temporazzi users feel full in their daily lives.


Temporazzi is a lifestyle; a fashion movement that invites people of all ages to pursue freedom, happiness and authenticity.